Leveled Up

So this past week I went to the gym 4 times. I did leg day on Sunday, Shoulders and Upper back on Monday, Arms, Chest, and Mid Back on Wednesday, and I did another leg and core day on Friday. This is crazy!!!! Guys! I’m training like an athlete right now. Me. Gimpy Endo-ridden Ellen … More Leveled Up

Survivor State of Mind

Anyone with chronic pain is a survivor.  They survive their personal hell and push through their burdens like Atlas with the world on his shoulders…not once, not twice, but every goddamn day. That kind of struggle changes a person’s thinking completely. The way we solve problems, the way we manage stress, and our general approach … More Survivor State of Mind

Health as a Hobby

Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot better because my back injury is finally subsiding. And what I’ve noticed is that most of my hobbies before my injury were fitness-related. Without my hobbies I was so sad and felt purposeless. I hiked, biked, lifted, stretched, played sports, walked through the park, etc. And since being back … More Health as a Hobby