Survivor State of Mind

Anyone with chronic pain is a survivor.  They survive their personal hell and push through their burdens like Atlas with the world on his shoulders…not once, not twice, but every goddamn day. That kind of struggle changes a person’s thinking completely. The way we solve problems, the way we manage stress, and our general approach … More Survivor State of Mind

Health as a Hobby

Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot better because my back injury is finally subsiding. And what I’ve noticed is that most of my hobbies before my injury were fitness-related. Without my hobbies I was so sad and felt purposeless. I hiked, biked, lifted, stretched, played sports, walked through the park, etc. And since being back … More Health as a Hobby

Weird Cosmetic Routines: A Lesson in Adaptation

This will be a fun one. Fibro seems to attack parts of the nervous system, inviting symptoms such as: skin sensitivity dry and rough skin skin flushing dark circles under eyes sweating being more prone to allergies while not directly the nervous system, the immune system and nervous system communicate with each other Those are just some of … More Weird Cosmetic Routines: A Lesson in Adaptation